Lighting Tests Begin

Wall Pieces (stacked, you can see one of the cutouts). The shelves are tables, at least temporarily, to make for easier moving while I do tests.

Testing the lights on diorama #4.

This may be one of my last photo updates before I post about the installation itself on April 5th. You'll just have to wait and see the final product (April 12th is my deadline).

In short, I have all wall pieces built, holes cut out, and shelves built. I did light tests for diorama #4 today. I quickly discovered that there are so many possibilities for lights. The piece looked good with blues, oranges, yellows, and even blue+orange lights (the combination added a nice variety to the surfaces)....

I think that I'm gonna go with the following setup, though:

1. Red LED light bar, from bottom front (ambience)
2. Violet + White LED on the center tapestry
3. Orange LEDs on the 4 smaller tapestries
4. Warm White LED spots on the two characters

^I need to have a plan like this for all 7. Right now, I have lighting plans for the 1st, 2nd, and now 4th dioramas, so 4 more to go.... I actually feel ahead of schedule? This is weird, but at the same time I feel behind because I have so many choices to make about how to finish up many of the pieces.

***This may be too many lights to create an effective focal point, so I am either going to wire the red LED bar to a potentiometer or cut segments off, or put the potentiometer on the orange lights. We'll see....

Enough talk. Back to work-

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