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www.kentcaldwell.com has a temporary makeover to feature The Last Light installation.


Out in NY-

So I'm in New York (West Point, not the city) for NCAA championships. We had a good day of training today and are all excited (and ready) for the competition to begin on Thursday. Plus, there's a southern style BBQ place right next to our hotel and, while my teammates may be annoyed that there's nothing close to where we're staying, at least I know where to get my sweet tea and pulled pork fix....

I'm a bit anxious about having to leave my installation at home, though. I hope everything (the lights, the curtains) stay as I left it. My biggest fear is that someone will unplug the lights or there will be some other issue that needs troubleshooting, and I won't be around to get to it....

Oh well. Time to focus on gymnastics. Well, after I finish my thesis paper....



I'm FINISHED. I'm very happy with how everything turned out and am excited to hear what people think of the installation. The only thing left to be done is apply the vinyl lettering title at the top left of the wall, but I will leave that to Mark Nielsen, who was willing to apply it for me (since I don't know how).

I designed a take-away that sits just to the left of the wall (it's like a bookmark)...

The Front:

The Back (A map of the wall with titles of each scene):

A huge thanks to Ryan, Thomas, Mike, Chris D., Aimee, my mom, and my dad for helping me so much with the wall/ installation process. Couldn't have done it without them. I owe you all big time.

Bonus: I have time to pack for nationals!



Tomorrow: Install the light timer, paint the wall, make a few tweaks, and hopefully get a takeaway printed....


I have almost all of the wiring figured out. Just a few more solders and breadboard connections left to make.

I spent the majority of tonight hanging the fabric of diorama #5. I think I figured out a solution that works to create an open, ambiguous space. It was pretty fun, actually, pulling the silk up on hooks and letting it fall and drape to try and create an interesting space....

Picture updates tomorrow? Maybe....


I am really excited right now. I had a productive evening and got the spot lights in dioramas 3 and 4 to all light up at once (not an easy task, since they all are powered by 1 source, but some require a resistor, some can't work if a resistor is in the circuit, and some are too bright and had to be selectively toned down with my sole, life-saving potentiometer.)

The cutout, which will be covered by cloth, used as an opening to the back:

The backside of the installation:

Teaser shot of Diorama #3 (taken with my point and shoot)....


Installation Update

I'm getting nervous that I won't have time to finish the wall, but I am making steady progress....

The first two dioramas are, I think it's safe to say, finished. Lights, curtain, everything. I am not quite happy with the lighting on the 2nd one, but I may be able to dim it down with resistors (which is what I want.)

The forest has all of its lights installed but needs more toy stuffing for the foliage. This means tomorrow morning will be devoted to errand running (Radio Shack, Kollosos Printing, Joann Fabrics, Riders....)

I love 5 minute epoxy and fishing line. And sheet acrylic. And resistors that work.


Installation Continues....

I was really stressed about the building process and how I would make everything work (that's an understatement... I wasn't able to focus at practice today, I was grumpy, angsty, all bad things), but having my teammates Ryan and Thomas around not only made the atmosphere more enjoyable, but we got the entire wall assembled and in place before midnight. I think it looks pretty good- the top looks a little wacky, but I can cover that with a cap, I think....

With that colossal task out of the way (a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders), I can focus these next few days on the details, the lights, the fabric backdrops....


Installation Begins.

The wall is at Work Gallery. I just have a couple more dioramas/ shelves to transport. Then assembly begins.

So far, I've managed to get everything down to the gallery in 2 trips. Very thankful for my friend Mike Sears' truck and assistance- I'd be drowning in work/ stress without both.