Wireless testing

wireless transmission - 1 arduino telling another to turn on an LED with PWM.

The Postdigital Realm 1.0


Postdigital Surrealism? Postdigital Minimalism? Do I need to try and stick an "ism" to this?


20LEDs running off 12v but powered via Arduino to enable PWM.
Also experimenting with fiber optic cable.


O Diorama

I recently completed a small, interactive diorama as a commission for a going-away gift for a performer at "O" by Cirque du Soleil.

The sculpture features 3 hand-painted 3D printed figurines mounted on a plywood and epoxy base. Embedded neopixels run off an Adafruit Trinket to light up the diorama from the base. A pushbutton on the side allows the viewer to change the color and color patterns of the lights.

The system runs off a rechargeable 5V battery that is meant for iphones.

The base without figures. Water was modeled with multiple pours of envirotex lite, with Woodland Scenics Water Effects and white paint on top to simulate the movement of the water.

Figurines were modeled in Zbrush and then 3D printed on a Form1+ resin printer.

The base before paint or resin (birch plywood.)

The electronics mounted to the underside.

Closeup view of the circuit - Adafruit Trinket 5V + Capacitor + Neopixels + Pushbutton (and several resistors.)