Eh, so I haven't been making much in the way of art over break. I did a video graphic logo for Olympika, but that's about it. Hence the lack of postings.

I did, however, recently fully complete New Super Mario Bros. (Wii) by getting all the Star Coins in every level. Sweet.



Panoramic (3 photos stitched together) of the 2011 Michigan Men's Gymnastics team.


New Olympika.net

The Wood figures should be done tomorrow, but for now here's a preview of our gym's new website. I am redesigning the site with html to be more user friendly, to enhance our gym's identity/ aesthetic, and to reach a wide range of viewers by cross-contacting social media websites. I am planning on designing a mobile version of the site as well for easy browsing on iphones/ blackberries.

(Like my UM themed browser?)


Web Design

Website that I designed for a local Italian restaurant - entirely in Spanish. Check it out: