More Illustrator!


Online Portfolio Updated

New layout online and running, files transferred off the UofM server. I'm ready for the "real world"....


One more.

Proof that I was actually there, with my new haircut (photo courtesy of Jacob, my kayaking buddy):

Rio Dulce/ Livingston Photos

With semi-interesting captions:

Definitely in the jungle (Rio Dulce, on the boat "tour".... I don't think stopping at the mystic "Isle of Birds" counts as cool when I've seen more crows on an Ann Arbor telephone wire.)

Waking up at 6AM to kayak was a sweet idea (my Kayaking-friend Jacob from Israel in the FG.)

My room at the Finca Tatin (my bed, 1 of 4 in the upper room, was a whoppin $5/ night.)

Deep in the gorge. Underground hot springs/ rivers, dense vegetation, steep cliffs. Pretty sweet.

Part of the Siete Altares in Livingston. It's cooler when it rains because the water flows over the rock ledge. Like a tool, I did a back flip off the rock ledge for good measure. Alberto, my tour guide, filmed it (he also taught me some words in a Mayan dialect.)


No pics. sorry.

...There hasn´t been internet at my house for the past week, which has kind of slowed down my digital-self. I got a camera card uploader though for my point and shoot, so I should have pictures from my trip to Livingston/ Rio Dulce up soon.

November might be a busier month for me; I have several Graphic Design projects to work on for the gym, a couple of trips that still need taking, summer camps starting next week that I´ll be teaching (school is over here), and a few more books to pile through now that I´m finished with the titanic Atlas Shrugged (minus the 60 page Galt manifesto.)

Tambien, yo tengo que recordar para aprender EspaƱol....


web re-design

Since my umich access expires in November, I used the change as incentive to redesign kentcaldwell.com as I'll be changing hosts soon. Here's a preview image of what I've got so far...


Contact Sheet 1

...I've been pretty good with my 1 drawing per day rule, but don't have a memory card uploader right now to prove it. You don't want to see all of my pencil doodles anyways.

I spent a little bit of time just now playing with some photos from my thesis in Photoshop after a recommendation that the photos of my dioramas might have potential to sell commercially (ie to magazines and whatnot.)


"But there is also too much focus in school on literature written mainly for an audience of critics and teachers. That's a shame because the true glory of literature lies in its ability to hold an audience spellbound with the power of narrative, which is our oldest and most prevalent way of understanding the world." -a quote from David Taylor.

Trying to keep this in mind more in order to loosen up and just write/ tell stories.



I've always loved how bizarre deep sea fish can be. Seeing some real life specimens at the Natural History Museum in DC was incredible, and I realize that no matter what, I'm always in the mood to make up some deep sea critters:

I'm really starting to appreciate Illustrator's flexibility, I just have to adjust to the mechanics of the software and really settle in before I get somewhere I'm happy with.