24 by 48, Oil on Wood


Green Hat

18X24", Oil on Canvas

Not done, getting close....

Paintings in Progress


Senior Paintings

3 are complete.... All 9X12, sorry for the flash.

Mother's Day

"World Navel," 12X24, oil on canvas


The Float

12x24" Acrylic on Canvas


9x12" Oil on Canvas


Punk Rokkerr.

I like how the door turned out:


Test Sketch

Test run... this is from my children's book assignment from this past semester.



I am having some trouble wrapping my head around Campell's work- in particular, his sections on the atonement of the father and apotheosis.

Hero with a Thousand Faces is supposed to account the steps of the monomyth that is commonplace in the subconscious of every individual and, as a result, presents itself in the numerous mythologies around the world.

I need to reread these sections- his ideas about a "bisexual god" or father figure being the purest of forms is interesting but kind of far fetched to me. I think it's because I don't readily see it in the mythology/ culture that I surround myself with. But Campbell provides evidence with tribes in Australia (the whole initiation/ father blood dependency/ subcision process is fascinating, eerie, but a bit isolated still in my mind from the way things work in other cultures) as well as evidence in the yin/ yang concept (yang- light, masculine, agressive... yin- dark, feminine, passive aspect) and in Bhuddism.

His evidence of there often being a god merged of storm/ sun is interesting as well... the idea that both benevolent and malevolent power (sun to light the world, lightning to destroy it) can come from the same energy and be contained/ controlled by one god.

The issue of duality seems to keep coming up again- opposites existing in harmony and all that. I'm sure this will peak when I get into (Jung's) Doppleganger (anima/ animus) concept.

These are random thoughts- I need to start taking notes as I read or something to digest this stuff better- but that's not what I want to be doing as I'm reading in the 85 degree weather on the upper level of our dock....



So currently I am trying to read up on world mythology/ archetypal imagery in an attempt to educate myself on the kinds of storytelling that I enjoy the most (namely, Campbell's concept of the monomyth). The idea is to learn as much as I can about cultural mythology so that my own narratives- be it writing or art or whatever, have some informed background material to strengthen them.

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