Zark's Cabinet of Curiosities

Zarkana Welcome Poster - 2012 (Ink & Photoshop)

This was done as the official poster design for Cirque du Soleil's internal welcome party for Zarkana, the newest resident show to move to Vegas. For the poster, I hand drew the paper banners, the cabinet itself, and the emblems of each of the Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas resident shows around the frame.

The contents IN the cabinet are most interesting - they are drawn from dozens of Cirque du Soleil employees across all resident shows here in Vegas. This gave me quite a creative pool to fill the cabinet from! I sent out templates of empty jars and shelves and collected the responses, which were scanned and hand-placed in Photoshop into place to make an interesting composition.

There are all sorts of goodies to find in the shelves (a candle with feet, a Spongebob vase, dogs doing handstands, Justin Beiber, etc.)



Charcoal on newsprint



Photos from the concert/ exhibition.

Figure Paintings Summer 2012

These oil paintings were done for an exhibition at a house concert/ pool party in Las Vegas. All are for sale. I'm open to commissions with a similar pricing scale. 30% of sales from these paintings and any commissions ordered through the end of this calendar year will be donated to Safe Passage, an organization providing education and opportunities to children of the Guatemala City garbage dump.

 Casey - 48 x 72


Self Portrait - 24 x 48 

 Looking Up - 30 x 40

 Male Torso - 24 x 36

Nude with Cloth - 24 x 36 

Morning - 18 x 24

 Crawl - 18 x 24

Crimson - 18 x 24

Rain - 18 x 24

Sitting - 18 x 24

Towers - 18 x 24



Many ideas shaping up for my next series of dioramas....


Figure painting updates

Quick snapshots of some of the canvases I have going. I think the main thing I'm doing with these is trying to break some of my frequent painting habits to try and expand my skillset.


Girl with cloth

Preliminary layer of a third painting.


Figure Paintings - new series

New series of figure paintings began today. I really liked "drawing" on the canvas with the paint, using a brush and a rag to build and suggest form. My plan is to work these (24x36 canvases) up into fully fleshed paintings, but they have an energy in this early stage that will be very difficult for me to maintain....


Portrait study

One day I'll spend more than 2 hours on a painting....

Mothers day paintings

Some landscapes with beach themes for my mom. Each is 8x20, oil and acrylic on chip board.


Drawing workshop

Challenging this time. So much information in the fabric that was difficult to consolidate onto the paper.



Sculpture update

Having fun with this one-


Daily sketch

Found a cool 3 hour figure workshop, did about 2.5 drawings, here's one of them.



Drawing got boring. Starting a new model.


Chinese Poles Tricks

I started working on a project for work so that we can quickly sketch out concepts for new tricks on the Chinese Poles. Photographing myself in a bunch of positions, the figures can be cut and pasted in Illustrator to rapidly document a trick idea or concept for future reference.


Daily Sketch

I did draw today, but nothing worth posting. Here's something from my anatomy sessions earlier this week.

Daily sketch

Anatomy from memory


Daily sketch

I need to build this guy


Daily Sketch

Daily sketch

Next project will be a new diorama series featuring these guys hopefully....


Sketchbook daily posts

1 per day. For real this time.