Zark's Cabinet of Curiosities

Zarkana Welcome Poster - 2012 (Ink & Photoshop)

This was done as the official poster design for Cirque du Soleil's internal welcome party for Zarkana, the newest resident show to move to Vegas. For the poster, I hand drew the paper banners, the cabinet itself, and the emblems of each of the Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas resident shows around the frame.

The contents IN the cabinet are most interesting - they are drawn from dozens of Cirque du Soleil employees across all resident shows here in Vegas. This gave me quite a creative pool to fill the cabinet from! I sent out templates of empty jars and shelves and collected the responses, which were scanned and hand-placed in Photoshop into place to make an interesting composition.

There are all sorts of goodies to find in the shelves (a candle with feet, a Spongebob vase, dogs doing handstands, Justin Beiber, etc.)