Olympika - Wall Installation/ Mural

...It's finished! More pics and information below....

Figures were projected onto large sheets of plywood with a projector before being cutout with a jigsaw. Each piece was then painted a two tone red/ black and given a glossy, protective finish. Figures are arranged and mounted on the wall to depict a double layout [a higher level double-flipping gymnastics skill.]


New www.olympika.net

...is live! www.olympika.net Feedback welcome and appreciated while I am making tweaks.



End of the Earth

Ink + Photoshop

New drawing in several variations. Which one do you like best?


Castle B

I like the way it looks here as well [just a Hue change, call me a cheater.]


Still another style in PS to work up from the original doodle.
Some of the proportions don't make sense. You should be OK with that.


Shadow Land

[edit: The preview is reeeally compressed for some reason, you need to open the image to get a good enough look at it.]