Shadow Box Lighting Tests

After a crazy set up in my living room with a tilted over lamp and turning on/ off a flashlight, I got some good test shots to give me an idea of the lighting.

Updates since last time - the bookshelf is fully painted (along with the books), the carpeting is in place, the lantern (version 1) was attached and turned on with an LED/ watch battery combination.


Shadow Box update2

The walls are mounted with the floor lining and painted. The frame of the door is in place with the door board shown too. You can see the (unpainted) bookcase and some of the super sculpey books (which got burned in the oven, but are otherwise fine).

I made a great looking lantern for the kid with a model helicopter engine support pad (I think), an LED light and watch battery, which will be interchangeable if the light/ battery dies. I also have a nice blue light to give the room a nighttime look (may experiment with some aquarium lights.)

Next steps are installing the floor carpet, getting the lighting to work, and snapping a couple photos for the portfolio before building the outer case/ rigging the lighting/ etc....


The Shadow Box Begins....

Starting a shadow box for the "Bed Monster" sculpture. 3D work is a pretty unexplored territory for me and I'm really enjoying the challenges it provides. The original sculpture is a rapid prototype, so it began digitally, and now I've been researching and reading up on lighting systems and miniature construction to hopefully really enhance the theatrics of the piece.

The picture below shows the (slight) progress I've been making, including sizing the base, plotting out the wall locations. You can also see the beginnings of the door w/ frame and some of the layered stripwood that will give some detail to the floor lining: