Copán Ruins Panorama

270 degree view (almost a complete wraparound)


1st pass of black/ red

They're still rough around the edges but this gives you a pretty good idea of what it will look like. I'll probably go back in with black and red once or twice more on each to build up the paint/ clean up details.


Starting to paint the figures....

A lot going on (designing 2 websites, and starting to paint this installation project) but not a lot to show yet. Just another photo of the wood cutouts pre-painting....



Beautiful view at Raul's family farm. The coast was directly behind me on the horizon. Raul's dad's assistant, ready for trouble with a loaded shotgun, was five feet behind me.


Installation Update - Starting to cut

Did a test cut today with one 4x8 piece of wood (wanted to make sure everything 'worked' before buying all four boards.) Things went surprisingly smoothly. There is a nice wood shop on Raul's family finca (farm), the jigsaw we have is a serious cutting machine, and the cutting went way smoothier/ easier than I suspected. Props to #artschool for teaching me some wood skills.

We opted for 3/8 inch plywood. I was worried that it would be to heavy, but the pieces themselves when cut out are very light, sturdy, and I think will pin flat against the wall easily, without braces.

Gonna do a paint test tomorrow....


Green2 (now blue)

with a sketch for a boat in the foregound. Does it look vaguely epic yet? This kind of look is difficult for me to pull off....


Olympika Installation Update

This is probably the layout I will use when cutting out the figures to make efficient use of the material of each 4x8 board (the brown rectangles). I managed to fit all 7 pieces in + the Olympika logo on 4 sheets of wood which is good.

Once I get hold of a projector and pieces of wood, the work in the "real world" will begin....



Got my digital pen back so messing around with some digital painting again. I want to try and push this further and stick something in the foreground. Trying to stay patient....


Olympika Installation Brainstorm

"Sketching" for a new installation at Olympika Gymnastics here in Guatemala. I think the figures will be cut out of wood and be about life-size. I'll update my progress on the project here....