Kindle Screen Broken

How did this happen? Just in time for my 3 hour flight to Korea, too....


"The Travellers" - Progress shots

That's a working title.... Here are some photos. I don't think I'm going to post any more of this until the finished product - I am expecting to be finished building around September 1 and lighting/ photographing by mid September.


New Diorama - Progress shots

Here are some shots of my current diorama. This will be another forest (like one of the scenes I made for IP,) though on a smaller scale (60cm x 60cm x 30 cm, or 2ft x 2ft x 1 ft.) It will feature, hopefully, 3 characters (made from polymer clay, not rapid-prototyping) and lots of other details. I will try to post the concept sketch tonight with some color studies.

My "studio" space setup in my apartment

Beginning stages of the landscape

One of the 3 characters