(If only the resin would harden looking like this, but it doesn't....)

Well my first post-spring break hack at my project is shaping up to be a disaster. The ventilated fume hood area of the plaster room is apparently not ventilated enough for my Casting Resin that I'm using for the 6th diorama, and after getting chewed out by the studio coordinator for not having a plan (I thought I did have one, but apparently I underestimated its 'neurotoxicity'!) I'm leaving it to dry in the plaster room, which means I've got to move it before students come in and knock the thing to pieces.

Not only that, but the resin isn't even doing what I want it to. Despite sealing off the foam base with thick acrylic paint, it's still finding its way through the base, eating away at the foam, curing consequently on an uneven surface, and generally during this cliff piece into an outright disaster.

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Cody said...

I think the water looks cool and murky...maybe I can't see the problem from the picture. Good luck!