Update from Vegas

So obviously I haven't exactly been able to get into my studio while in Vegas, but I do have a couple of related updates:

1)I had an ok day at the prelims session of Winter Cup and was lucky enough to squeak into the finals! USA-Gymnastics posted my floor routine on Youtube here (you can see the most obvious error in my second tumbling pass, where I put my hand down).

2) I got to see Cirque du Soleil's "O" show last night, and it was unbelievable. Given my current art focus, not only was I loving the acrobatics, but the way that set could shift between deep water and platforms in a variety of shapes, and the way the lights came from underneath/ behind/ on top to cast silhouettes and shape the mood was unbelievable. Building these dioramas I really get the sense that people creating this show and these sets didn't let any physical "limitation" stop them from creating a set that could do what they wanted it to do.

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