In Cali

Diorama 6 - the Jester is now stuck on the cliff ledge and you can see a view of how you have to look down into the window to find Balder....

...But I have enough photo updates to do a couple of posts while I'm out here. Artwise, my goals while I'm on this training trip with the Gymnastics team are:

1) Become an expert in electrical sautering (I checked an iron, helping hands, pliers, wire stripper, wire, and about 20 LEDs)

2) Research 12v lighting systems

3) Brainstorm the layout/ construction of the final installation (wall)

4) Do the 3rd draft of my thesis

Otherwise, my main goal is to relax. The hotel we are staying at is awesome - hot tub, free breakfast, HD tv, free internet, and they put out free cookies everyday at the front desk. I think I'm set.


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