Rules vs. Principles

The way I see it, a "rule" is something that absolutely must be followed, whereas a "principle" is more of a standard/ method of process/ guiding value, that can itself be bent/ broken.

What are my "rules" and what are my "principles" for this project? After talking with John Marshall after the faculty critique today (very helpful, such a good idea) I realized that I needed to set some more solid ground rules for myself and decide which of the values that define my project are set in stone (rules) or are open for modification/ discarding (principles).

Some RULES for my project (some are obvious):
-Dioramas are made in 3D
-Dioramas are set inside a wall and seen through a small viewing window
-Dioramas are 'read' sequentially across the wall, from left to right
-Dioramas contain repetition of a central character

Some PRINCIPLES for my project:
-There are precisely 7 dioramas that contain the narrative (this is almost a RULE)
-An entire month (March) will be reserved for lighting tests
-Lighting is completely hidden from the viewer
-Surrounding space is created/ suggested by curtains

I don't know how much those make sense, but it was a good exercise for me, if only for the fact that, when making future decisions about my project, I can ask myself "is my decision based upon a RULE or a PRINCIPLE?"

Photo updates (ie a less boring post) is coming tomorrow once I get more layers on the cliff walls

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