Down and Dirty

After one flight cancellation, some scrambling to get on a flight at the last minute – where I dropped my water bottle straight onto a man’s head while loading my bags overhead while dripping with sweat from running to the gate – I made it to Guatemala, although my suitcase didn’t. We’ll have to go pick that up from the airport if it comes today.

I had originally reshuffled a bunch of clothes into my carry-on bags so my suitcase would make the 50lb weight limit, so luckily I’ve got a complete change of clothes on hand to tide me over. Thanks for your packing skills, Mom.

It was very rainy last night on the drive back to Raul’s house (where I’m staying). On the way, a fallen tree (from the saturation in the ground) almost blocked our path and had pulled down the phone lines to our neighborhood. I asked Raul if this kind of thing happened often because of the landscape/ rain combination. “Only when you’re here,” was his reply, referencing the mudslide from my first visit:

Apparently my presence exacerbates the natural disasters of the country? Not awesome-

Anyways, I will spend the next few days getting situated – doing things like buying a cell phone, going to the gym, and retrieving my suitcase.

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