2 days till Guatemala

The summer has been slow. Real slow. I guess that was what I needed - time to really soak in college life before turning into a "real adult." Now that I am one, and still have no idea what to do with myself, I've decided to move to Guatemala, where I'll be coaching gymnastics through the end of November. With such a big change of scenery, I'm going to use this blog to update everyone as I attempt to get a handle on life in Central America. I anticipate my posts will be a mixed bag of stories, photos, and artwork... basically, anything that happens as a result of my time down there that I think is worth sharing.

Most of you reading this know that I went to Guatemala back in May for a brief visit. My four-day stay turned into 9, thanks to a volcanic eruption that covered the city in ash and a tropical storm that caused mudslides and a sinkhole in the middle of the city. This perhaps worked in my favor, with the delay giving me more time to convince myself that this is an area of the world that I'd like to "figure out" as best I can.

(images from my first trip):

I will be staying with my host Raul, a graduate of the UofM gymnastics team in 1995, and his three kids here:

I'll probably be coaching level 3/4 team girls. Here's a picture of me with some of them:

This is the gym I'll be working at (the floor is a really good spring floor):

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