Donde Vivo

So a couple of pictures of where I live. This is my room (created from 3 images with Photoshop's photomerge tool. Sweet!):

Usually, each morning I get up and go read a little bit with a great view of the mountains:

The maid usually makes breakfast for me while I'm reading. It's awesome. She's very nice and doesn't speak any English, but I've already improved my ability to communicate with her (I'm glad that I can thank her properly now and not feel like a dumb tourist simply yelling "Grassy-ass!" for example).

Also - I am happy to report that I got ahold of my suitcase, bought a cell phone (for under 30 bucks!), and have helped coach at the gym twice now. So I feel properly settled. My Spanish is improving quickly, especially for coaching, but a large number of the kids at the gym also speak English! So while it helps having several translators in any one group, they are also as eager to practice their English with me as I am to practice Spanish with them. Maybe not quite the "immersive" environment some get, but still very very fun....

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