3D Lab

Too many tasks looming ahead would be easier if my sculptures were already printed, so I am turning my attention now to preparing my final set of characters for a 3D print. Progress from tonight includes the figure for Diorama #5, and Balder's pose for Diorama #4.

Also, I decided exactly what I want the final scene to look like. I think I am going to recreate Balder's bedroom (from diorama #1), but give it everything a coat of white/ cream paint, and light it brightly from the top, ditch the monster, sit Balder on the bed, etc. etc. <--- I'm kind of trying to go for a hazy dreamlike "back to reality" moment where the real world begins to materialize again.

Also (also), our team is competing in Iowa this weekend, which means from Friday 3pm till Sunday 4pm I'll be gone, and most likely exhausted by the time I get back (9 hour bus ride each way, cool.) But hopefully during this time I can get some smaller/ non studio tasks done- 2nd draft of my thesis, do some brainstorming for lighting, try and decide on titles for the pieces....

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