11:00PM. Bedtime.

Our home match this weekend might has well have been an away meet with all the work I was able to (not) get done, what with parents coming in town, going to dinner, and the meet itself on Sunday afternoon absorbing both the entire day and the entirety of my energy.

Still, I got up to the ol' studio Friday night, and finished up the tapestries today. I have two pictures for you:
Embarrassing reference photo of myself that shows my commitment.

Figures positioned in the 3rd diorama after a rudimentary base layer of painting. Sweet!


Joakosamurai said...
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Joakosamurai said...

I like your blog. I have a blog too, but it´s in spanish. I am writing about the adventures of a crying little chicken.His name is Pollito, hehe. I´ve become a "seguidor" or a follower of your blog; I don´t know how it´s call in english blogger...but I will get e-mails when you post a new entry. Hope to read you soon.