Oh man, just had the most awesome IPiphany (as Kimmy Lennex would say).

I messed around with the Arduino microcontroller and learned that it can function as both a programming system and a straight up battery. My electrical wiring woes are over! Ontop of the fact that I can now just buy a 9V power adapter and not have to worry about wiring it to a 3V LED, I can also, with a little more programming/ circuit knowledge, wire up to 13 LEDS onto this one controller and program them to all do different things. I've gone enough of the tutorials now to understand how to wire 1 light, program it to flash at differing intervals, and wire it through a breadboard with a resistor.

Just wait till I start wiring lights into trees that fade/ flicker/ flash. Epic-ness coming real soon.

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Hey kent here are a few links that I mentioned:




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