Riding the waves

This project, in its planning stages, is quite the up and down ride. I go from being all gung-ho about it and excited one moment, to questioning how I can possibly get anything "good" out of it, how it will prepare me for any kind of career, how I can hope to make sequential dioramas when I have little to no experience with them....

I think the biggest fork in the road I see is whether I want the dioramas to be sequential or to be exhibited as separate narratives. Ideally, I want them to all thread together, but I have this hunch that the quality of the dioramas I'm making will change drastically with the second, third, fourth, fifth attempts....

I also have big ideas for "moving" dioramas, shifted lighting, and interactivity, but those are all overambitious at this point. I just need to sit down and make a diorama (or two) before I start thinking about the evolution of them.

I did some sketching tonight which had some positive results. I am happy with the composition of two (almost three) of the scenes I've had brewing in my mind for a while. I'll post them when I get them scanned and a color study thrown on top of them.

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