Current Focus

Preparing for a brief presentation tomorrow has given me the chance to focus my energy on where I want to take my IP. The exercise mentioned earlier - executing a borrowed idea 3 ways and an idea from my own writing 3 ways has generated a couple of interesting results, but ultimately proven to me that diorama building is what I really want to make, and what I really want to get good at.

I was hesitant at first about the diorama concept, but I think all of hesitations are unfounded and are merely obstacles that I must be willing to overcome and work through.

At this point, I am ready to go all out to build these narrative dioramas that suggest a voyage and return style journey of a small child through a surreal, exotic dream world. Many sculptural elements in the scenes will be built digitally, then rapid prototyped. Much of the scenery will be built the way a miniature railroad builder or military diorama artist would work. Backgrounds may be painted (for open environments) or self-containing (for interiors).

I am trying to ask myself a lot of the "why? how?" kinds of questions, for both the concept and form of the project.

These questions include:

-What advantages does a diorama have?
-Why is the story I want to tell important, at all?
-Why do I have to work with digital media?
-How will building dioramas prepare me for a future career???

I have some of the answers, but still much more to consider....

The number one advantage/ reason to execute my project this way? The idea of surreal dioramas always gets me excited and I don't think I'll ever get bored or grow weary of it....

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