That Chariot needs work....

...But the rest of it is coming together alright.

Goal: to have this piece and two other similar pieces finished by Monday, September 28th.

Today I went to the Dude to see what kind of resources UofM had for lighting. Of course, I was not disappointed. The tiny door to the 'video studio' opened into a massive, warehouse style auditorium with an extremely complicated, fully movable hanging light system. The man showing it to me has done lighting design for Aerosmith and Santana, and the studio coordinator regarded him as one of the "best lighting designers in the country."

In fact, these studios were a little too advanced for my needs- while I am hoping to test out 3 point lighting systems and experiment with using shifts in light to imply different tones/ moods/ blah blah, you have to have a much more justified - and direct - reason to use a huge studio like that. Plus, they said they don't really have the capability to light small things (they got really hung up on the word 'diorama' when I mentioned it, and I had to keep reminding them that any experience with lights would be OK with me).

Still, I should be able to check out one of the small "soft boxes" and do a little tinkering on my own....

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