The IP journey officially begins

From now on, I will devote this blog entirely to what concerns my IP project (though it has always been 95% IP related anyways).

I am using the Bedroom/ kid/ Nightmare sculpture as a point of inspiration for building a body of narrative works. Using the time-tested "Quest" story with a little bit of "Voyage and Return" (both types covered well in The Seven Basic Plots), my story goes a little something like this:

A small boy has the Last Light, the key to saving the world.

Pretty basic. Nothing crazy in raw form. Then again, "Frodo has the ring and must destroy it to save the world," or "Harry Potter is the Chosen One, and is the key to defeating Voldemort," or "Paul Muad-dib is a messianic figure for the people of Dune" don't sound so crazy in raw form either....

For my story, I am naming my main character Balder. Balder is a Norse God of light, benevolence, and innocence. In addition to sounding good (linguistically), I think it hits on the symbolism of who I want this character to be in many different ways.

Balder has the Last Light, and will enter another world (think of something like Alice in Wonderland or Narnia) where the dark powers in the world are extinguishing every light in it. Building a world literally around Light and Shadow should offer some really exciting visual opportunities (bioluminescent lifeforms, surreally-lit environments....)

I have a good handful of ideas swimming around of where I want to take this. Enough to start painting and drawing and trying to populate what "belongs" in this place he is going.

Balder is about to follow the Beast under the bed, and I am about to take my own plunge down the Rabbit-Hole....

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