Tokyo Apartment

Below are pictures of my apartment in Tokyo - this is a temporary residence, though. I'll be moving in about a week. The place is really nice and has more of a hotel suite/ studio feel, without any kind of living room. I've noticed that the place is designed around energy conservation - I have to plug my room key into the wall at the entrance, for example, to turn on the generator that controls the lights in my room. So every time I leave, the lights are guaranteed to be off, and I'm guaranteed to not misplace my key inside, which is cool.

Other crazy features include precise controls for the water heater (I can set my bath water to heat to an exact temperature) and a toilet that automatically learns when I use it most and preheats the seat for me ahead of time. I have to carry around my appliance guide so that I know which buttons do what, but I'm starting to figure it out.


Entrance (The little brown thing on the upper right is my plugged in room key)

Main Room - Bed/ Desk and Kitchen on the right

Kitchen Area

Laundry/ Sink (Shower is to the right)

Bath/ Shower (The whole room is designed to get wet, so you can adjust the shower head depending on whether you're showering/ bathing.)

Crazy hot water control.

Crazy ventilation control

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pluww said...

fancy schmancy! the whole getting the entire bathroom wet thing always throws me off.