A Doodle Per Day....

...keeps laziness away? After my birthday I resolved several things to myself, one of which is to draw 1 sketch/ doodle/ whatever per day.

That means hopefully, one post here per day, because this blog is going to hold me accountable.

I'm glad I didn't give up on this photoshop mess like I almost did 5 minutes into it. Somehow I managed to "break through" and just keep messing up/ covering/ manipulating/ tearing/ smearing/ flattening layers/ adjusting until I got somewhere I liked. Then I flattened that and tried to push and pull parts of the image to get somewhere better. Regardless of the finished product, it felt good to just push through that creative barrier and get to a place where I would make marks without looking back or being hesitant. Sweet.

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Mike said...

...I kind of want this.